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 I am told this is meant to receive messages.

Very well then; this is Enjolras.  Speak, if you must.
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Well. It would appear I am another year older, though I am not certain how that works out if one is supposed to be dead.

I never expected to be spending my twentieth birthday here, of all places, but it has happened. In any case, there is no need for gifts or anything of that sort. I have all I need here already.
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[This is with a tone of mild bemusement. He never was one to pay much attention to the weather, but it's been like this for three days without letting up.]

It certainly is wet outside. I expect I should not have gone to the library to get yet more books, I was nearly soaked through. At the very least, I shall have The Communist Manifesto, whatever that may be, to tide me through for a few hours. It does sound rather intriguing.

If the weather continues like this, I shall need to find somewhere dryer to keep all of these. There are already wet patches on the floor. Does anyone have suggestions?
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Gavroche. Combeferre, Courfeyrac, Feuilly, Joly, Bossuet, Pontmercy, and Grantaire. They were my friends, members of Les Amis de l'ABC. There is much to say about them, but I shall keep this brief. They were good, righteous and determined men. They died with me, for a cause we all believed -- believe in.

[A pause.]

Even Grantaire did, though he had no reason to do so. For that I thank and respect him.
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Jean Prouvaire, Bahorel, and M. Mabeuf. These men died on this day in Paris, fighting for a republic and a free France. They will not be forgotten. I must confess I knew two far better than the last; but they were all gallant, honorable men.
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[Enjolras is seated on a bench in the park, somewhat near the cinema Rachel has been working on. He had intended to go over and help her clean some more, but decided to take a bit of a walk, first.]

There are some places in this city that remind me very much of Paris. This is one of them, though it is nothing like the Luxembourg or any of the large parks I am used to. But nevertheless, it is a park, and it makes me wonder what the Paris of whatever time it is looks like at this moment.

So, tell me. Where are you all from? What is it like there? I am curious.
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[He is in the house he shares with Grantaire after dragging him back there, looking rather less than pleased with current circumstances.]

I find myself overcome with a sudden urge to hit something. I don't suppose anyone would be willing to indulge me in a bout of fencing? Or, at the very least, tell me where to find proper equipment?

[He pauses and scowls off to the side, where Grantaire presumably is.] At the very least, I would accept company. Or anything to get me out of this house aside from the library.
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[Here, then, is Enjolras, in the library with a pile of books. For those who are observant, they are The Social Contract, The Communist Manifesto, Plato's Republic, and various other books on government and philosophy. There's something different about him -- he looks more determined, actually hopeful, instead of resigned to his fate here in Adstringendum. When he speaks, his voice is quiet and slightly pleased.]

They do say no time passes at home when one is here. I do wonder if one remembers events that happened here once they return home. If so, then this will come in quite useful.

[He taps The Communist Manifesto, looking thoughtful.] Combeferre or Feuilly would certainly be interested in this. If it were written back home, I'm certain we would have read it, but I am not certain it has been published. At any rate, a number of these writings have very worthy ideas concerning reform, which is what France needs at this point in time. The rebellion was only the start, I will not have it turn out like the first republic.

[OOC: In other words, guess who won his revolt and survived? THIS GUY. :D]
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I have been here almost a fortnight now, and I am still not entirely certain what to think of this place. It is a relief, however, that the heat and --other things of the past week have gone. I do not have suitable clothing for such weather.

[He pauses a little, then continues, thoughtful and a bit quieter.]

It is very strange, having nothing to do. I have walked, and explored, but it is nothing like what I am used to. I would continue my studies, but there appears to be no place to do so. Or, at least, nothing similar to the Sorbonne.

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Apr. 2nd, 2011 03:11 pm
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I have found myself curious, as of late.

Please, tell me about your homes' politics. Whether they are royalist, republican, or otherwise, I should like to hear about them.

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Mar. 29th, 2011 09:49 am
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[The young man is not exactly looking at the PCD -- he hasn't yet realized there is a camera there. For the most part, he is holding it and looking around, frowning. The observant might note that his waistcoat and shirt are rather bloodstained, with quite a few bulletholes in them.]

What is this place? Some sort of purgatory, as the church says? It is certainly not Paris, nor does it look like any place I am familiar with. I remember ...well, it hardly matters, aside from dying -- but this is unexpected, to say the very least. I did not expect Heaven, no, nor Hell. I do not know what I thought would come. Hope, perhaps. A new future.

[He frowns again, pauses, and then picks up the PCD to address it.]

Perhaps one can be found here, then, though I daresay it does not look like a utopia. No matter. If it is necessary, we shall make it one.


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