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Name:Lucien Enjolras ( » 014 » 176 )
Birthdate:Aug 15
"He was the only son of wealthy parents, a charming young man who was capable of being a terror. He was austere in all his pleasures, chastely averting his eyes from anything that did not concern the republic, a marble lover of Liberty."

Enjolras is from Victor Hugo's novel, Les Miserables. I do not own him, nor do I make any profit from portraying him in this rp.
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bahorel, barricades, being a lawyer, being badass, bossuet, building giant furniture walls, combeferre, courfeyrac, debating, feuilly not fwee, france, grantaire, guns, jehan prouvaire, joly, law, les amis de l'abc, marius pontmercy, not royalty, paris, planning revolutions, politics, republicanism, revolutions, rights of the people
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