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Mar. 29th, 2011 09:49 am
untamedantinous: (it is fitting and right to die for one's)
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[The young man is not exactly looking at the PCD -- he hasn't yet realized there is a camera there. For the most part, he is holding it and looking around, frowning. The observant might note that his waistcoat and shirt are rather bloodstained, with quite a few bulletholes in them.]

What is this place? Some sort of purgatory, as the church says? It is certainly not Paris, nor does it look like any place I am familiar with. I remember ...well, it hardly matters, aside from dying -- but this is unexpected, to say the very least. I did not expect Heaven, no, nor Hell. I do not know what I thought would come. Hope, perhaps. A new future.

[He frowns again, pauses, and then picks up the PCD to address it.]

Perhaps one can be found here, then, though I daresay it does not look like a utopia. No matter. If it is necessary, we shall make it one.
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