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Your Name: Mandy
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Under 18? If yes, what is your age?: Nope
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Characters Played at Ataraxion: Renly Baratheon, Bucky Barnes

Name: Lucien Enjolras
Canon: Les Miserables
Original or Alternate Universe: Original
Canon Point: Just after his death at the barricades
Number: RNG please!

Setting: Wiki!

History: There is not much known about Enjolras’ background. He is from a southern province in France, the only son of wealthy parents. He was sent to Paris at a young age to attend secondary school, and then chose to attend the Sorbonne to study law. While there, he became acquainted with various other (mostly) law students who shared his dream of a republican France. They formed Les Amis de l’ABC (that is, the Friends of the ABC, or the ‘Abased’, if you want to be clever with puns), a group dedicated to fighting for and freeing the oppressed people of France. Enjolras dedicated the majority of his time to studying and planning for the coming revolution, stockpiling weapons and planning with other groups.

He also managed to become friends with all of the young men in the group, aside from Grantaire. He considered Grantaire to be a drunkard who persisted in annoying him, though he did give him a few chances to redeem himself. Grantaire, however, chose to use that opportunity and play a game of dominoes, instead of scouting out the other groups as was Enjolras’ intent. This certainly does not change Enjolras’ opinion of him.

When the revolution at last begins, Enjolras is one of the first to lead his group of friends to the barricades. He oversees the construction of the barricade, and, once Grantaire arrives and offers to help -- scorns him and turns him away, believing Grantaire is incapable of helping in any way. The other young men and Enjolras proceed to collect ammunition and reinforce their barricade. Eventually, a spy, the police officer, Javert, is found. Enjolras makes sure he is searched and bound to a pole in the cafe, and then is disturbed by a murder outdoors. After finding out the circumstances, Enjolras gives the man one minute to pray, and then promptly kills him, stating that he killed the murderer because the man had killed. Directly after this, Enjolras realizes that no one is coming to join them in their battle, and resigns himself to his fate; believing that he and the others will die making the world better for tomorrow. He wrestles briefly with the idea of shooting a young guardsman, but eventually goes through with it. Once the fighting increases, Enjolras attempts to send at least some of the men under him home, feeling that those with families and children to take care of should not needlessly risk their lives. They reluctantly agree, and so Enjolras is left to fight with the original members of Les Amis. As the fighting slows, eventually only Enjolras is left, cornered in the tavern adjoining the barricade. He stands in front of a wall, prepared to die for his cause, when Grantaire stands and rushes to his side. Grantaire declares his allegiance to republic (and Enjolras), then asks if Enjolras will permit Grantaire to die with him. Enjolras nods and takes his hand, and the two young men are shot dead.

Personality: Enjolras is one of the rare breed of men that is a born leader. He is, in fact, the leader of a small underground group of student revolutionaries, Les Amis de l’ABC. He generally tends to be very serious and knows exactly what he wants. He is a determinator, and a dreamer, even if he won’t admit to such. Enjolras is the type of person who sees problems and doesn’t just plan to fix them, he knows they will be fixed. As a matter of course, he has a very strong belief in republican France and the rights and liberties of mankind as a whole. His entire goal in life is to make France republican -- not as it was during the first Revolution, of course, but better. He puts all other things aside for this -- he does not care for women, his studies in school are being put towards this, and his only true love is for his country.

Enjolras has all the qualities of a good leader. He is extremely passionate about his cause, and it shows. When he speaks of things related to it, he is given to unexpected moments of eloquence, though normally he is a man of few words. There is a passionate fire in him that is most evident when he is speaking of his cause. He does not tolerate fools well (especially Grantaire), and is extremely serious about his devotions to the republic and the people of France. He will do what he has to do, even if it means killing soldiers who are only doing their duties. He is given to thinking before he has to act, usually planning various things out long before he must do them.

He is not always as confident as he seems, but he prefers to keep that hidden from most everyone, aside from his very close friends. Enjolras is very good at hiding his feelings, and tends to be extremely stubborn. He is very proud -- once his good opinion is lost, it is lost forever, barring any extraordinary circumstances. He has a tendency to be short-tempered, especially with Grantaire. He despises the man. Grantaire is, in short, the exact opposite of Enjolras. He does not realize how much Grantaire is drawn to him, but eventually accepts him (however unwilling it may be), just before they both are shot dead.

Abilities, Weaknesses and Power Limitations: He knows how to build awesome furniture walls. He’s also pretty decent at law and that sort of thing, writing articles and speeches and generally being an inspirational godlike revolutionary kid. Otherwise, uh, normal human weaknesses!

Inventory: - A rather bloodstained and bullet-torn set of clothing, including one red coat, a cravat, waistcoat, shirt, and trousers
- one musket
- one set of clean clothing -- coat, trousers, waistcoat, shirt, cravat, etc.
- one pair of boots

Appearance: Canonically, he is described as ‘angelically good-looking.’ So there’s that. But we’re going to be using the movie actor, here, so -- blond-haired, blue-eyed, reasonably tall and well-built. He carries himself like a leader, self-confident and assured, and is somewhat generally distant as a rule, unless he knows a person very well. The actor being used is Aaron Tveit.
Age: 22.

AU Clarification: N/A

Log Sample: He was alive. By all rights, he shouldn’t be. He remembered ...Grantaire. Grantaire was there and then they were both shot, up in the attic of the Musain. And yet here he was in some strange capsule, coughing and utterly befuddled.

“Grantaire?” He looks around as he steps out of the tube, already knowing that was a foolish question. This looked nothing like what he was accustomed to -- no barricade, no wooden walls, none of his friends....but he was dead. If this was the afterlife -- he had never truly believed in that sort of thing, not really, but shouldn’t his friends be there? They, too, had died, had not left their small barricade even when given the chance. Faithful to the end, as he should have been. He should not be here. It wasn’t right. Why should he get this second chance, if it was not truly the afterlife?

Perhaps they were there, though -- there seemed to be a great number of people around. He needed to get clean, to clear his head and settle into a proper search. He could be resourceful, then. So, after a moment of watching the rest, he makes his way to the showers. The taps take a moment longer to figure out, but it is easy enough. Soon Enjolras is clean, leaning back against the wall and feeling some of that pounding tension in his head melt away.

Comms Sample:
[This ...device was certainly strange, but Enjolras was bound and determined to figure it out, if it meant he would get answers about this strange place. So he has spent some time playing around with it, and finally, is reasonably sure he’s gotten it to work correctly.]
[He clears his throat and gives the camera a direct look. He doesn’t look in the best of states, right now; he is not bleeding, but there are bulletholes and bloodstains on his clothes and he looks rather ...tired, to say the least.]

I am looking for my friends. They would be the members of Les Amis de l’ABC, if anyone aboard this strange vessel has heard of them. If you know someone called Combeferre, or perhaps Courfeyrac -- please do let me know, and tell them Enjolras is here.

I would be very grateful for any information. Merci.
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