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[Enjolras’ PCD has been left to sit on a bench of some sort. As such, he isn’t particularly paying attention to it, but he is paying close attention to one Rachel Berry; who he’s explaining some fencing maneuvers to.]

Is that clear? Do let me know if there is any confusion, I should like to be sure you know what you are doing before we practice.

[Rachel scowls somewhat petulantly -- because, hello, if she had any questions, she would ask -- but she holds up the sword experimentally, at eye-level.]

I am perfectly fine -- and yes, I understood everything you said.

Very well. [He manages to hide a very slight eyeroll, and touches the blade of her foil gently.] Lower it, I should not like to see you hurt yourself. Would you like to bout?

[Rachel wasn’t entirely sure what ‘bout-ing’ was -- because, okay, maybe she didn’t pay strict attention to what Enjolras was saying to her, but that didn’t mean she would be bad. She frowns to herself, though, before she lowers the blade slightly, to do as he says.]

Okay. [Pause.] You go first.

As you wish.

[He takes up a fencing stance, then, and waits for Rachel to do the same. Once she has, he settles a little and waits, trying to gauge when or if she’ll lunge at all.]

[Rachel mimics him, a little hesitantly, because she’s an actress, not a pirate or whoever actually fences for a living -- but once she does, and once Enjolras does not move, Rachel figures she’s supposed to take the first strike.

So she does -- with a quick sharp jab forward.]

[He easily blocks that, and steps to the side, giving her a slight nod.] A bit quick, but well done.

[The compliment gets a grin, and Rachel pauses before trying again -- this time her jab is a little slower but more controlled -- and she doesn’t give the warning she did before.]

[Much to his chagrin, Enjolras is in the process of recovering from that block, and so Rachel’s foil connects. --To be precise, it connects with his shoulder, and neither of them are wearing any padding whatsoever. He makes a noise that is somewhere in between a grunt and a hastily-muffled curse, and grabs Rachel’s foil.]

That is not supposed to happen.

[And that would be the clatter of Rachel’s foil as she drops it in favor of clasping her hands over her mouth.]

I --

[Give her a moment, she is still processing the fact that she just stabbed Enjolras in the shoulder with a sword.]

-- I am so sorry! Do you need help? I know first aide, I could stop the bleeding before you pass out, and we could make it to the clinic immediately, and I am so sorry -- are you -- well, obviously, you are hurt, but -- I am so sorry -- !
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