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[Here, then, is Enjolras, in the library with a pile of books. For those who are observant, they are The Social Contract, The Communist Manifesto, Plato's Republic, and various other books on government and philosophy. There's something different about him -- he looks more determined, actually hopeful, instead of resigned to his fate here in Adstringendum. When he speaks, his voice is quiet and slightly pleased.]

They do say no time passes at home when one is here. I do wonder if one remembers events that happened here once they return home. If so, then this will come in quite useful.

[He taps The Communist Manifesto, looking thoughtful.] Combeferre or Feuilly would certainly be interested in this. If it were written back home, I'm certain we would have read it, but I am not certain it has been published. At any rate, a number of these writings have very worthy ideas concerning reform, which is what France needs at this point in time. The rebellion was only the start, I will not have it turn out like the first republic.

[OOC: In other words, guess who won his revolt and survived? THIS GUY. :D]
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